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Conversion Booster: Social Proof

Many others cannot be wrong

Why uses Social Proof to increase hotel conversion? By all means, we are social creatures. For this reason, humans pay a great deal of attention to the behavior of other people. Consequently, social proof tactics work so well to increase the conversion rate of the websites. 

In brief, Social proof is a phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others assuming that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior. uses our tendency to believe others in many ways. rating system

The rating itself is a great feature to help visitors to choose. A great number of reviews make the final rating look more trustworthy.


Personalized reviews’ display shows the most relevant reviews (using the same language as the website version, showing reviews depending on guest profile, number of guests, etc)


Check out the thumb up icon just after the hotel name. With yellow stars, it looks like approval or some sort of a rating. Our brain gives an extra point for the hotel. Yet it is just a Preferred Partner icon, designated for hotels who pay more for better visibility.


Persuasive elements

Persuasive elements such as “others did it = it must be right”, use cognitive bias:

    • When the room was last booked
    • How many people are looking at this hotel now
    • Badges and descriptions for hotels expressing other guests’ interest and satisfaction.

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