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SMASH or Smart Messaging Assistant is a simple and beautiful marketing campaign that allows a website personalization for every visitor.
Assist your visitors and help them find the right information at the right time, to make a booking decision easier.
Various customization criteria will help you create a unique marketing campaign on your website and personally address it.


Call to Action messaging

Communicate and inform visitors or add CTA buttons. Assist visitors and help them to make the right choice.

Personalization depends on hotel’s target audience and guest Segmentation

Some guests want to know about the location or about the kid’s facilities or cancellation policy. Showing the most relevant info makes the different!

Get the maximum out of it with Conversion Audit and Marketing Planner

Our services are tailored-made to each customer. If you want to start your own Conversion Optimization Campaign contact us.

The most effective Upselling tool

SMASH is truly an Average Booking Value Booster. This tool helps to convert visitors into bookers and to increase ABV with extra services and packages, an increase of the average length of stay.

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