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Conversion Booster: Directing Visitors

Direct visitors toward the hotel booking

Directing guests from one step to the other, tunneling guests’ experience towards the hotel booking, helps hotels and OTAs to increase the final conversion rate. Indeed is great at directing visitors throughout the booking process.

To illustrate how tunneling users works, let’s start with the very beggining: filtering hotel search results. As a result, creates a perception that the visitor is the one who is in charge of the final hotel selection. If we look closely, we see how it pushes visitors to make pre-programmed choices.

Top pick from

The default filter is pick. Only since recently, the OTA is obliged to notify customers that their ranking is not transparent and that is manipulated by

Therefore, the Top Reviewed rating, the one has the least control of, which based on customers’ opinion, is hidden at the right’s three dots.  

Extra filters to manage the reservation process offers the most used and popular filters. Filters help your brain make a choice easier and proceed to the final steps faster.

Each element on the platform is dedicated to improving the conversion rate, to speed up the booking process, and to reduce possible detours. Likewise, hotels should follow the same principle. Therefore, exclude all the information that could distract the guest from the main goal.

This is a post from the Why converts so high and what hotels can learn from it?” series. Of course, directing guests towards the booking to increase hotel conversion, is not the only way to get direct bookings. Read all the posts to find out how to improve your  Hotel Conversion Rate Optimization and Boost direct sales: