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Conversion Booster: Scarcity effect

Scarcity effect to increase hotel conversion is based on FOMO – fear of missing out. Limited offers, No rooms left, Sold Out, Only One Room Left – all the triggers use FOMO and influence the visitors’ behavior. Likewise, plays very well on a guests’ negative emotions.

Don’t miss the deal!

Shortage convinces us to book!

For example, visitors are presented with the idea that the hotel availability or room price might change at any moment unless the reservation is done immediately. Thus the sense of possible loss pressures visitors to take immediate action.
Limited room availability

As a hotelier, you might know that the phase was “Only 2 rooms left” which was not true. Therefore, after a court order, has to use the trustworthy phrase: “Only 2 rooms left on our site”

Limited supply message
Urgency alerts

The red color is used for alert messages.

Additionally, the same color used for “old”, price crossing, to create a perception of an expiring deal. 

High demand message

For instance, messages that show how many times your dates were booked or how many people checked the property. For sure, it does not imply scarcity directly, but create a feeling of high demand. 

“Unavailable for your dates” claim

“85% of places are unavailable for your dates on our site” claim based on the same idea. It creates a perception of high demand and plays the visitor into rushing to reserve.

Just missed it!

To enhance this effect of high demand, shows properties with no availability (“You just missed it!”). Guests need to do additional filtering to avoid unavailable hotels.

Book it now

Advice to lock the price today to avoid higher prices in the future (for savings always uses green colors)

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