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Conversion Booster: Emotional marketing

What is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional marketing is used by to evoke emotions to increase hotel conversion.

Emotions help your visitors to notice, remember, feel connected, and trust. Emotional marketing typically works on specific emotions: like happiness, sadness, anger, or fear, to motivate a guest book.

Can your language be over-excited?

As a result, to make the website even more convincing uses an excitable language. The platform uses all adjectives in hyper forms: exceptional, excellent, great, superb, fabulous. So with emotional language rooms and the offers look even more attractive.

Playing on a fear

Above all, constantly adapts to the guest and to the overall situation. With the COVID-19 pandemic, guests changed their booking patterns and room search criteria. Consequently, adjusted the offer

For example, we can see a banner on a homepage with the link Coronovaris Support section
Secondly, the platform has new filters
Moreover, highlights new safety measures hotels implemented
Also, adds special banners with the cancellation policy
Add a new badge to hotel description: “Extra health & safety measures”

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