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Conversion Booster: Adding Value

Increase conversion by Offering more for less

Adding value and highlighting it to the visitor is a great way to increase the hotel conversion rate.

I’ve been using for more than a decade, booking hotels every now and then. I have my Genius Level 2 status and though I’ve earned it after a certain amount of reservation. Isn’t it the way how Loyalty Programs work?

For the purpose of this research, I registered a fresh account with no booking history. Yet I was surprised that after several clicks on a promotion section I’ve got a Genius Level 1 status. Nobody reads small print nowadays. Nevertheless, different badges and status levels trick our brain and affect the conversion.

Genius Perks

As a Genius, I was reminded about the Loyalty exclusive deals at least 3 times only on the home page.

During the hotel and room selections phases I saw many more reminders of the benefits and perks of booking with

    • Badges (Genius, Travel Offer, Secret deal,  thumb up icon, “Great for…”)
    • “We Price Match”
    • “No credit card needed to book”
    • “Breakfast included”
    • “Confirmation is immediate”
    • “No booking or credit card fees!”
    • “Free cancellation”
    • “No prepayment needed”
    • “10% Genius Discount”
    • “Free room upgrade”
    • And red-crossed price as a symbol of a value deal
    • And many many more…

During the booking process, from the homepage till the booking confirmation, guests are bombarded with offers and benefits. The platform shows hundreds of messages of added value. As a result, it is hard to doubt it after so many repetitions.

  • Also uses perks that hotels generously offer for guests and make it look like it’s offers benefits.

This is a post from the Why converts so high and what hotels can learn from it?”  series. Adding Extra value is not the only way to increase hotel conversion. Found out more conversion rate optimization tips: