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Conversion Booster: Extreme Personalization

Personalization is a key for Hotel website conversion

Personalization is, probably, the most well-known and, at the same time, toughest to implement, approach to increase your hotel website conversion rate.

We all know uses personalization for conversion optimization, however not everybody understands to what extent. not just adding your name to the emails of greeting you on the homepage. It goes way further. It remembers your previous searches and actions and adds it to the page to stimulate more bookings.

Welcomes a registered visitor.

That’s classic! Though even the next line is changing according to the visitor profile.

Remembers your previous searches

Specifically, it remembers destinations the number of guests, hotels guests have checked.

Adats copywriting

For instants, copywriting on the filter button on the results page is personalized. Moreover, shows hotel description (texts) depending on the visitor profile.

Uses the right CTA (click-to-action buttons) not only adapts CTA and adds visitor names. But goes further.

Hotel description is changing depending on the search and the visitor persona.

Interesting detail, to ensure conversion, doesn’t let the hotel themself to write a hotel description. As a result, copywriting for each hotel is created by algorithms and updated automatically.

Use your personal details while showing the hotels (create “The offer is just for you” sense).

All these details create the perception of congruence between visitor’s search and the result. In reality, is not built to find the best match for the visitor, it is built to make hotels appear as a perfect match.

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