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Why converts so high and what hotels can learn from it? Conversion Game

It is not a secret that the hospitality market is competitive. Therefore, guests can choose from thousands of hotels and or reserve with a dozen different channels. Did you ever wonder, how became the most successful travel site in history? How does get that high conversion rate? Many would say, the explanation is in enormous marketing and advertising budgets. However, money is not enough.  

We want hotels to gain more bookings. Unsurprisingly, in 123COMPARE.ME we study internet best practices to improve our products and gain more bookings for hotels.

First thing to remember, conversion success is a result of a focus on product development and constant improvements. takes A/B testing seriously. Every employee, not only a product development team, is encouraged to suggest a hypothesis based to improve sales on customer experience and available data. Endless testing is meant to prove or reject these hypotheses and to get more bookings finalized. knows how to persuade guests to book 

It’s easy, it’s crafted for you, it helps you to choose, it offers extra value, it makes you feel approved and special, it plays with your emotions and fears. 

In this blog post series, we explore website elements that help them to gain a higher conversion rate and, particularly, a psychological foundation for their conversion success. Hence we analyzed how uses personalization and persuasive design to convert more. More importantly, we will see how hotels can use these results and which techniques should they apply to convert more.

This is the first post from the Why converts so high and what hotels can learn from it?” series. Read all the posts to find out how to get a conversion rate as high as for your hotel website.

Hotel Conversion Rate Optimization techniques: